Samstag, 28. Februar 2015

# 65 Week 32 and 33 Swimming Carnival, Cyclone, Skype and my first surfing experience in Australia!

Hey guys,
here is the next post :) Time goes so fast, I know! This week we had our swimming carnival, which was a great day! I won't tell you yet, what it is, so read until you find it out :) Well, actually if you want to know if before, scroll down and look on the left side, because I made a little dictionary with explanations to some words, which I had been asked for a while and yeah :)


I was a bit lazy at the weekend so I'll post the post today, one week later, haha :)

Mo, February 16th
Today was a great normal school day, haha :) But here still some interesting and great things that happened. The first was in the morning when I saw Makayla and she told all about her trip to Mount Kosciusko – Australia's highest mountain and it was very nice to have her back – I missed her even though she only wasn't at school for one day :D

At Recess Makayla accompanied me to the basketball court where there were some Footsel try outs – this is indoor soccer. I am so glad Makayla came with me and I played a little bit and Mr Lewry said that I have a chance :) But unfortunately they don't start until the end of april, so it is probably not going to work.. But I also put my name down for Open Soccer and i'll try everything, haha :)

Last period was SLR again and we did a some kind of Circuit, which was pretty hard! We had 30 min to do it as many times as possible. There were 5 stations: 20 Squads, 10 Push ups, 40 Russian twists, 10 times throwing a very heavy ball and running outside down and up the driveway. IT was pretty hot outside, over 30 degrees so as you can imagine it was very hot! I did it 7 times and I was pretty pround of me and even Mr Rumples said it was very good ! :)

SLR :)

After school I jumped into the pool and then did some homework. I had clarinet lesson and five which was great, because I learnt heaps of new practising tricks and tips :)

Tu, February 17th

Today was a very good day again :) We had only three periods and then the free afternoon.

In SLR, which we had third, we did yoga again, haha :) Pretty funny!
Makayla, Ebony, me and Ben went down to Maccas after it where we stayed until 2. I had my own lunch haha and watched them eating.. :P We talked a lot, I don't remember about what, haha but it was pretty good! 

Selfie at Maccas

It took more than 30 min to walk home, because it was soo hot!
In the afternoon I played my clarinet, did some homework.. :)

We, February 18th

I had Maths in the morning today again and so I got up at 6am. It was really dark and you notice that the days are getting shorter.

Sunrise :)
At school we were so exited for the swimming carnival tomorrow, haha. And it was pretty hot today again. In SLR our teacher was not there and so we played basketball, packman and some kind of running game.

Wednesday is band day and so I had band of course. We were only 2 clarinets today, but it was still very good! We planned my farewell band party as well, which made me a bit sad, but also happy that I have found such a good “bunch of people!. :) we are going to to have a BBQ, play Cricket and soccer, go ice skating, to the Schnitzelhaus for dinner and movie. Sounds like a lot I know!

Thur, February 19th
Today was the day of the Swimming Carnival! I have been waiting very long for this because I had heard all these amazing stories about dressing up and stuff and yeah, I could experience my first (and probably only) swimming carnival in Australia! And to be honest I wasn't disappointed! It was great!
We had to be at Gosford Pool at 8.30am and I met Ebdogs at the gate and we went in together. We got dressed into our skirts, tops and Hawaiian necklaces,.. and all our stuff and started wondering around. Shortly after we met Makayla and Sarah and we pretty much stayed together the whole time. Lots of people were dressed up in their house coloures and especially the year 12s were really good!

The first races were the competitive ones like 50m Butterfly, 100m, 200m and 400m freestyle, 200m everything (50 Butterfly, Breaststroke, Freestyle and Backstroke). After these races the next one was the Mintie races where everybody could participate in. You could win some Minties (lollies) – that's were the name comes from :) We were also allowed to take our cameras underwater – here some photos :)
Before we jumped it..

After roll call – we were only 24 year 11 students out of 159, hahah :) - there were the 50m competitive and social races.

The Pool :)

Me, Sarah, Makalya and Eb <3

<3 <3
Social means that everybody can do it and it is just for fun to go into the pool, because there is no free swimming time. I did the social freestyle and backstroke together with Eb and Makayla. For the last one which was breaststroke I decided to participate in the competitive one. I actually dont know how I was so brave to do it, haha , but I did it, surprising all the teachers and some others haha :) I am not a very fast swimmer and had never had swimming lessons before I came here ( I could win of course) but I was thinking it is once in my lifetime and “YOLO” (You only life one, haha). And I am really glad I did it! It was such a great experience! We got to wear caps in our house colour (yellow) and it was like in a real race, the beep sound when you have to jump :) I cam fourth, haha, last but I was just so happy that I did it and got the experience. I even got a thing saying 4th :) So proud, haha :)
A bit later, our house captains were looking for people to to do the senior Raleigh and they asked ME :) In the end it was Makayla, Sarah, me and an other girl. We came 3rd out of 4 but I was pretty happy, haha :)

In the end there was also a teacher Raleigh race, which was pretty funny – 6 teachers against 6 students of each house. They won, but still so good! :)

All the races and the amount of people that participated sum up to a score and our house, Dunk, won it in the end! Yeah! Dunk, Dunk, Dunk!!! :) It was very, very good and I loved it how so may people dressed up and the house spirit is just amazing!

Yes, so this is a short summary of the swimming carnival! I love it and I think at home in Germany we have missed out of the best days, haha :)
Yellow and green :)

In the afternoon Em and I had swimming, haha. So much swimming today! I am really tired! Unfortunately I had to do some homework and research for our English Assesment which is due next monday.
I am sure I'll sleep good tonight!

Fr, February 20th

We were all pretty tired today at school, because of the swimming carnival yesterday.
But it was still a pretty good day. We cooked this Pasta Salad with chicken and zucchini and it was actually pretty good, haha. I even ate the zucchini ;)
In Maths we did some of the harder maths stuff, our first real extension things and it was pretty good, I like it!

After school we went to a place to get x rays of Ems teeth because she is going to get braces :P
Back at home I did some school work and started watching a movie but I didn't finish it..
I cooked dinner – salmon, yum! And we watched a movie called “return to me” on a video, haha :)

I don't know if you have hard about “Marcia” the zyklone, but it is a pretty hard one, it was rated the hardest level it could be – grade 5 and it is one of the worst that has ever been here in Australia. The main zone where it hit ground was in Yapoon in Queensland but even the north part of NSW got heavy rain. And it was double hard, because at the time it hit ground, it was kind tide, so the water was even higher! Heaps of schools were close yesterday and one my friends who lives near the boarder to QLD at the moment didn't have to go to school either – I hope you are fine Juli!

Sa, February 21st
Today I could finally sleep in, haha, I slept until 9 or so and stayed in bed until 10am :P When I got up Greg told me that some branches of one of the trees of the neighbours came down. And indeed it looked pretty bad :/
We stayed outside and talked to the neighbours for a while and came back in at about 12pm.
... the tree half broken..
After playing my clarinet I started looking through all my stuff I had, all my paper stuff to see what I can scan in to take home, because I am not going to be able to take it all home on paper and so I am starting to scan it in because it is heaps! Clarinet notes, school notes I want to take home,...

After lunch em and I went for a little walk just to go outside and yeah :) it was pretty good and it was nice to spend some with Em, because in the last few weeks she was a bit busy doing her homework and on her computer...

We had our typical Cheese and bickies for dinner and watched Cars 2. I wasn't that happy when I heard we were watching it, but it wasn't too bad..

Su, February 22nd
Today in the morning EM and I did breakfast for Greg and Robyn. We did Bacon and Egg and it was pretty good, haha :)

At 11am Em went to her friends house to play and I stayed at home to look through all my stuff and prepare for my English Assignment tomorrow..

It was raining the whole day, so I couldn't go outside and do much and so it was a day at home.. A bit boring sometimes but yeah.

Some photos i took :)
In the early afternoon I went outside to take some photos and yeah and I was taking some jumping photos, when I saw something moving close to my hand – about 10 cm. I looked again, but couldn't really see anything. But curiously as I am I looked again and jumped away!

I got my phone out and took a video before going into the house and telling greg. He came outside but the snake was gone. I showed him the video and he said it was a Swamp snake, a tiny little snake. But I was still scared haha :)

Skype with my family :))) I love youuu!

Mo, February 23th
School again... I actually did not feel like going to school today, but yeah, we kind of have, don't we? Em and Robyn are both really sick unfortunately so they both stayed at home today and went to the doctor. I hope they get better soon! Their cough is really bad.. :/

At school, we had roll call in the hall today which is getting annoying... don't ask me why but now I can slowly understand why most of the people don't like it..

I had Food tech first and we got our assignment for week 7 which is really weird, but i'll write about it another day. Next period was business which was pretty much just writing and writing, but good! Then Chemistry and then Maths which was really good! I just love maths so much, haha. We did our first real extension bit today, in equations with variables in the lower part of the fraction (forgot what this part is called, it is Nenner in German) Oo
At recess and lunch everybody was pretty much freaking out about the english essay we were going to write next (5th period). It went all right in the end but unfortunately I didn't have enoguh time to write and was a bit disappointed by myself because I had so many great idea.. But you cant change it anymore.. Let's hope it wasn't to bad.
At lunchtime Ella and Makayla asked me if I want to come to Tuggerah with them to hand out some of Ella's resumes (she is looking for a job) and so I texted Greg and he said yes, which was great! Thank youu! We caught the bus to Tuggerah, handed her resumes out and then caught the bus back just before 5pm. It was a pretty good arvo and I am glad I went. :)
We had a really yummy dinner today, haha, pork medallions with baked sweet potato , corn and quinoa – delicious!

Tue, February 24th

Happy happy birthday mamita! Te deseo un feliz cumpleanos y que pases un dia hermoso con mucho amor, felicidad, sol que sea un lindo dia! Yo no puedo estar con tigo en alemania, pero siempre tu siempre estas en mi corazon y tu saben que yo siempre estoy con tigo! Te quiero mucho, mamita! Feliz cumpleanos! :*

Well, as you can probably read – even I f you can't read spanish – it is my mums birthday today :)
And it was also a very good day for me :)
Tuesday is the short tuesday which is really good, haha. Three periods only is pretty good and they go over so quick :) 

After the 3 periods whci were English, SLR and Business Makayla and I went down to Maccas where we met about 5 other girls and sat down for a while. But because I never ear anything and I was hungry it was pretty hard to watch them eat their food and so I decided to go home after a while. I had to do some homework and stuff and also wanted to continue doing my scrab book and some other things :) it was a very nice half an hour and I still had lots of time at home, perfect!
I finished doing the scrab book about the swimming carnival, Sydney, Australia day... I had to glue the photos in I printed out on the the week end. I also did lots of homework so I wont have to do as much tomorrow and read some more of my book, actually pretty much, about 100 pages :)

We, February 25th

Omg, you don't know what today to me! I put my alarm on 6am yesterday and checked it and stuff and it worked all the time before! And today I woke up and was keen for maths and stuff until I looked on my phone! IT WAS 7.07AM!!! OMG! I was supposed to leave at about 7am!I got changed and ready to go in 10 min and had a banana for breakfast in the car, haha. As soon as I got up I had called bec to tell her I overslept and wouldn't make it to school in time and ask her if she could tell the teacher, but she said her mum could come and pick me up and so we made it to school just in time! Lucky me!
I have never overslept so it was the first time, but as Greg said, it can happen to everyone! I don't know why put my alarm didn't go off or I might not have heard it put it wasn't amy good! I hope it doesn't happen tomorrow again!

We had double math today so extension and first period and it was really good :)
Ebony and I yesterday found out that we are both reading the same book and are pretty much at about the same part of the book, which is really funny,haha :) It is the fault in our stars, I am sure you have heard about it – movie or book- it is an amazing book!!

We did some workout today again in SLR and in Chemistry some prac which was really funny because Bec, Sophie and me almost burned the plastic tube Oo. We did some experiment about the decomposition of Magnesium carbonate and yeah :)

SLR again.. :/
After school I stayed back because we were going to to the Soccer try outs but unfortunately it was raining really hard and so changed it to friday at recess. I really hope I am good enough to make it into the team, but we'll see. Almost every other girl plays soccer in the club and for a long time..
After our short meeting instead of playing I walked home but because it was raining Greg picked me up halfway- thank youuuu!!!

I did some homework in the afternoon and talked to Dine, a local coordinator from Sydney and she is really nice and had band again at 6.30pm.

Thurs, February 26th

Today, I luckily got up in time, haha :) But I had to – I set me three alarms!! :)
It was really dark at 6am, and thats probably why I didn't wake up yesterday – the days are getting shorter.. :/
So yeah, it all went well, Bec picked me up half way and we arrived exactly at time for maths :) on the way until I met Bec, I rang my mum and dad at home to talk to them – because of your Birthday mami – and it was very nice to talk to them. You feel so close when you are talking trough the phone, it could just be like I am at my friends house or so :) Love it to talk to you :) :* It made my day!!

School was pretty good today, especially because I found out that I made it into the school futsal team, wohooo!!! :) And maybe the basketball team, i'll find out tomorrow :)

After school, we had swimming straight away again, which was really good :) Like always :) I decided to cook dinner tonight and I cooked Spaghetti Bolognese after Robyns recipe and I love it, haha :) I wrote the recipe down while I was cooking and I might put it on my blog as well, it is very easy!! :)
After dinner while we were all watching my Kitchen Rule (cooking show) I was texting my dad, because I was buying a new phone cover – a dust proof one and water resistant :) Why? Well one reason was I got a 20$ voucher from ebay which expired today and I was thinking about getting a more robust cover, but It was always to expensive.. well, no I only payed 13 dollars :)

Fr, February 27th
Last day of this school week, yeah! Hahah, I am actually really excited for the weekend, because I am going to try surfing tomorrow and we are going to Newcastle on Sunday :)
I walked with Lucy today in the morning and met Ebony just before the school, because we had to go and see a teacher. He told me I can be the manager with him for the basketball team, and maybe also play in some games :) Yeah! This is really cool!

I had Food tec, English, Chemistry, SLR and Business studies today. We had a small test in Chemistry, but we knew we would have it and we even knew all the questions haha :) Pretty easy, but I am still unsure about a couple of questions.. In SLR we did Yoga again, Yoga-Friday, haha :)
At Recess we finally had the soccer try-outs. We were about 12 or 13 girls, mainly year 11 and 12 and we had match against some year 7. It was pretty funny, haha :)

After school, I was really puffed out and decided to read a little bit :) I finished reading “the fault in our stars”, which is an amazing book!!!! LOVE IT!!

Later I skyped with my best friend Sophia Marie in Canada and we decided to talk in English, because it is easier, haha. Pretty funny, haah :) It was great to talk to you and I can't wait to play Volleyball and Basketball with you :*
Later I interviewed Em, asked her some questions, because I am doing my food tec assignment about her :)

Just before 7pm, I realised I promised to cook dinner and totally forgot about it.. Oo haha, so I had to hurry up cooking it, but it was ready about 40 min later, Salmon of course :)
We started watching a move – Sweet home Alabama – but stopped it after 50 min because we were really tired.. Em slept in my bed this night, which was really nice :)

Sa, February 28th
I got up around 7am today, because I was going to have my surfing experience here in Australia! So exited! Taylah, she is a family friend promised me a while a go to teach me surfing and we finally did it today! We got to her house around 9.15am and drove around 10 min to Shelly Beach. Shelly beach is a beautiful beach :) *-* We first waxed de surfboard a little bit and then went down to the beach.

Surfing, yeah!!! *-*

The waves were perfect, not to big but still big enough, haha :) IT was so much fun I stood up at almost every wave! Taylah is a great teacher! We had so much fun, but it was really exhausting so after a while we went out and went for a swim :) I took my underwater camera of course, but I forgot to put a SD card in.. so angry!!! :( But we had so much fun and sometimes it is nice not to take photos of everything. :)
Really cool, I hope I can try surfing soon again! :) Thank you so much Taylah, it was great!
Taylah had to go home at around 11.30 but went to cafe before and had a Mango Banana Smoothie, yum! When we were taking the surfboards back to the car, we met Emily, Greg and Robyn who went to the markets before and then to the beach :) So after Taylah left I went back to them and we stayed at the beach for another 40 min or so, where Em and I went for a swim. :)

When we came home, I did some homework and EM and I continued our movie, we are doing a movie, haha :)

We watched “Finding Nemo” at night and had our traditional Cheese and Bickies. :)

Su, March 1st

Nooo!!! Summer is over! Today is the first day of autumn... :( I cant believe SUMMER IS OVER!!! But it is supposed to a very warm autumn, yeah! Summer apparently was really warm this year – the avergae temperature and lots of days were over 20 degrees even at night! But we didn't have really hot days here this year, which everybody says is good, I would have liked then though, haha ;)

But yeah. We all slept until about 9am today and went to Newcastle at around lunchtime. I thought we would go earlier but yeah.. We left at quarter to twelve and it was so HOT when we left. Around 30 degrees and the top was 34 or so. We drove through Swansea and saw really nice – beautiful – beaches on the way!!! :) We had lunch at a restaurant right at the beach at Merewether. So beautiful! I think the beach was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen! I had a delicious salad with prawns for lunch *-*


Selfie :)

me and em :)

I had the most delicious salad!!!

We stayed there until around 3pm and drove then to Newcastle. After a while Em and I realised that there was a surf competition on and it was so much like the competition in the movie “Soul surfer”, well to me, haha :) I felt like I was in the movie. All the young kids surfing and hearing the beep sound and yeah :) But it was getting darker and darker and we could see the storm clouds coming so we didn't go out and just drove around a little bit and then came back home at round 5pm. It had been raining here at Lisarow, but fortunately the towels I had hung out before we left were dry! ;)

It was a very nice day and I loved it, especially the beach!!!

Mo, March 2nd
When I got up today in the morning it was really nice and sunny morning but it got pretty cold school today, haha. In SLR our teacher was't here so we got a casual teacher and played Basketball and soccer instead of running – pretty good I reckon :) Mrs Heaps asked me today if I want to be a score keeper for the game on Wednesday, really cool! I hope I can do this! It would be really cool, but I would miss

After school back at home I did some homework and then I got a message from Makayla asking me if I want to come to pizza in tonight for dinner. What a question – of course! And thankfully Greg and Robyn said yes – they are the best parents!!!:)
Greg drove me to Clarinet Lessons as usual and on the way home he dropped me at Makayla's house where we – Makayla, Hannah and I, waited until her parents came home to go to the restaurant :) It was really, really good! Ot was “all you can eat pizza” and they were coming around offering us different pizzas – from Cheese pizza with and without garlic, chicken, Australia pizza (bacon and egg), meat-lovers.. everything! And even dessert pizza!! This is a nougat base with custard and icing sugar, haha, taste like a thick crepe, really good, but I was so full, so I just tried a little bit :) 
dessert pizza :)
we drove back home to Makayla's house and then a little bit later when Makayla's mum came back they took me home and Makayla was driving, hahah, so cool! :) She told me about “revenge” a tv series, which is supposed to be really good! Thats wheat robyn says as well :) So cool, it is on Monday, but we are taping it and i'll watch it tomorrow or so :)

Tue, March 3rd

Tuesday means “three periods tuesday” yeah! :) So I had English, Business and SLR (sport) today. We did some writing work in english, which is now getting pretty similar to what we were doing back at home in Germany last year – analysing and interpreting texts. Our teacher wasn't there again in SLR and we had another teacher instead and played basketball and some different games with the basketball :)
After school me and my friends went down to Maccas but I didn't stay very long, because I had some stuff to do for this afternoon and I don't get anything to eat and yeah..
Back at home I facetimed with my best friend Sophia Marie in Canada ( heyy :) ) which was awesome!!! <3 <3 :* I miss you so much! But facetime is great!!
<3 <3

And then did some homework and especially packed my parcel I am going to send home soon with some stuff like books and the junior uniform and stuff.. I have to hurry up because it takes like 4 months or so..

I also cooked dinner – spagehtti carbonara – because that's what Robyn said yesterday if I go out I have to cook dinner hahha ;)

So, this was the post about week 32 and 33. :)
Love you,

Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

#64 Week 31 SLR is so hard, I got some CCs, Valentine's Day in Sydney and an amazing Sunday!

Hey guys,

here is the next post – again I know! Time goes tooooo fast! I had an amazing weekend that's all I am telling you right now :)

I believe I can fly!! :)

Mo, February 9th

Today I woke up and I wasn't as tired as I thought I would be after the sleepover and stuff, haha :) But I got up at 6.45 and was ready at the normal time :)
At school, I had Food tech first, where we finished decorating our brownies, but unfortunately I didn't take a photo. But yeah, it turned out really good, Makayla and I got 10/10 :)
Next was Business studies then Chemistry, Maths and English.
In English our teacher just keeps reading and reading the book, and we don't do anything just listen to her.. I don't understand why she does it exactly and doesn't give it as a homework to read, but yeah :)
In Recess and lunch the teachers were trying to convince us to go to the hall because apparently us seniors we are not allowed to be inside where are all the juniors are, haha, but it was very unsuccessful, because we didn't want to move and stayed there :D
At home I did some homework and because I was so tired I relaxed a little bit and did some reading. 
We had a delicious Stir Fry, yum! 

Tue, February 10th
Today Greg had to leave very early at like 7.10am to go to Newcastle for a half day training and so I had breakfast alone.. :'( Because Em was sleeping a bit longer. :) I walked to school as normal and it was really warm. :) Summer is here again! :D

After Roll call we had SLR which is Sport. And our Teacher Mr Rumplers, we call him Rumples, made us work really hard! We did Tabarta Workout, which was pretty hard and exhausting but I liked it:) We had to do 20 sec of Sit-ups, then 10 sec rest, 20 sec of push ups, then skipping and then squads with some weights. And when we finished we had 2 min rest and then again and again. We were sweating really hard.. Oo And then we had like 20 more minutes left where we did some gym work... Omg, and we din't hear the bell so we were like about 15 min in the end for English.. Hahha, it was sooo hard, but I think it is going to be really good! Even though I always dont want to have SLR but then in the end it is good. Tomorrow we are going todo some running..

Yep then english and then our first Assembly of this year. We had some presentations and stuff, I kind of like the Assemblies. One of the boys of my year did so well in Footsel (indoor soccer) that is going to brazil to play for Australia!! Oo WOW!

We had Business studies next, which was also our last period for today, yeah!! I<3 Tuesday! :)

After school, I was on the way home like I was walking maybe about 7min or so, when Makayla called me and said come to Maccas please I need you. I didn't understand why, but because I didn't have much to do at home I went, haah and it was great! She was waiting for me with Ben and so we went to Maccas and just sat in there and talked for like one hour. Ben is actually really nice, haha :) He plays soccer and is really good and is thinking about moving to Adelaide maybe :)

I was home at like 2pm and luckily just before the hill, Greg passed me and I didn't have to walk up the hill :) YUHUU!

At home I had some lunch – Vegemite Toast and Avocado toast – and started watching a movie called “Book thieve” on my laptop. After a while, like 1 hour I stopped to do some homework and at like 4pm I went for a swim in the pool. :) This was great! I had a sporty day today, haha :) Swimming, Workout, walking to school – I like it!

Greg and Robyn had to go a school meeting and so Em and I had some Tortellini for dinner yum! :)

We, February 11th

Today was one of the two the early – morning days. I had maths extension again and so I had to get up at like 6am. It was pretty dark today and you can see that the days are getting shorter again.. Umm.. I liked the “long” days :)

I left home at 7am and it was really nice, sunny and warm! Bec picked me up halfway again, which was great! I was a bit early and so I was talking to Oscar a little bit, my neighbour who I met at the bus stop and he went to France for three months on exchange and just came back. :)

Maths was sooo good, I love it!! We had the extension class, then would have been roll call and then Maths again and so our teacher said, that we are staying in maths – so we had 2 hours and 10 min :)

Business was next and I cgot a CC haha :) Because I did my homeowork and not many people did it and yeah! :)

At Recess Ebony and me kept planning our first shopping day for sunday, haha :) - sooo excited! It is going to be great! Next was SLR! And after our Fitness workout yesterday all our legs and whole body was hurting so terribel, we couldn't even walk! (okay not that much, ahah :) And then we did running today! OMG, it was so hot, about 28 degrees probably and we ran outside in the sun! We did 80m jogging, 50m spring, 80m jogging, 50m sprint and this 10 times. It was really really hard! But I kept saying to me “you can do this” and I did and was pretty proud that I did it as the only girl I think and coped with the heat. I think after the next 6 weeks we are going to be so fit! When we went back to the changing room, I looked in the mirror and shock! I have never been so RED!!

Me and Makayla are soo red :)

I was so red, that was terrible! And we were so hot and sweaty, really disgusting! We sprayed so much deodorant and parfume on us, which was really funny haha :)

In chemistry everybody was like saying to me” what happened to you? Why are you so red” Omg, a bit embarrassing!
We did some experiments in chemistry, but more like physic experiments.
Last period was food tec, which was pretty good :) Ah, yes, and our table was “stolen” by year 12 girls! :( So we are going to steal it back tomorrow!

After school I did some homework.. we got some, some maths, food tec, chemistry and business and had band in the evening again. Dave, our instructor and all the other didn't know that I am going to leave pretty soon – Robyn told me today only 11 weeks from tomorrow – and they were really sad! SO we said we have to do something in the holidays, but I am not going to be here because we are going to the gold coast and so probably the last days of the holidays :)

Time goes so fast, that is soo bad.. Tomorrow it is going to be 7 months that I am here! Oo Best 7 months :) Robyn told me today, that she was wondering yesterday how any months left and then she found out only 11 week!! Oo :OO I don't want to goooo!! But I am NOT thinking about this yet!

Thu, February 12th

It is SEVEN months today! Seven months since I arrived here in Lisarow. It doesn't feel like I have been here so long, but then it also feels like I have been here much longer.. cunfusing I know.! I am just so happy that it is going so good!

I had maths in the morning again and so I had get up early again. But it was actually really good today and I was not tired at all! It is getting better and better! :)

On the way to school, I talked to my mum and dad back at home in Germany. It was so nice to hear you and I love you sooo much! Mucha suerte Mamita con el interview! :*

Bec picked me up halfway again and we did a lot today in mahts. I like it so much, and I know many people don't understand why to go to school earlier and do MATHS?!?! haha, I know, I am crazy, but like it :)

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen
We had SLR first, but theory luckily, then Food tec, Maths again English and Chemistry. It was actually a pretty good school day. :)
We also claimed our table back and now we have enough room to sit, haha :) It was prety hot today again about 30 degrees and I got a little bit tained :)
After school, we got changed and went straight to swimming. I did butterfly for the first time today and it is.. let's say...interesting?! It is pretty weird, but I like it, haha :)

Fr, February 13th
Omg, Friday the 13th!!! Terrible! Haha, it actually didn't even bother ANYBODY here! I thought at least someone would say something, but nope.. nobody even mentioned it, hahah :)

Because of Valentines Day tomorrow you could buy or order (year 12 always runs it to get money for their formal) roses for 5 dollar (so expensive) and they were delivered today at roll call. 5 people got roses today in my class. :)
I didn't.. :( haha, just joking, it would been cool, but no, haha :)

At recess and lunch year 12 also sold Cupcakes and muffins and stuff – to get money for their formal again – and it was sooo busy! So many people bought stuff! And because my friends will be ywar 12 next year we thought we better support them this year and so I bought a brownie for 50 cents because I didn't bring any money but I found 70 cents and so I could buy something :) Lucky, I know! :)

Here some photos for you how many students bought their cupcakes, brownies..
So many people bought stuff, haha :)
In Chemistry our teacher told us today that we are going to have a little test on monday.. :/ But it is pretty easy we are doing the Ionic and Covalent bonds and the lewis formula.. :)
We did Yoga today in SLR which was pretty cool actually! But also hard and we were sweating! But not as much as on the other days ;) Mr Rumples said that we are probably going to do one day Gymwork, next day running and then yoga and one theory lesson – sounds good to me. :)
After the lesson I talked to him because I want to join a schoolsport team and he said I should just down my name for everything and then I can see what I'll do, because you have to try out and it is pretty hard as I noticed last year with Netball. I hope I can join a team! :) But all the teacher sounded like I have chances :)

At lunch Ebony and me sat on the large table with a different group and it was really good, haha :)
Makalya is at the snowy mountains since yesterday and climbing MT Kosiovsko – the highest mountain in Australia – and I talked to her at lunch, haha :) She had just reached the top, wuhuu!! well done, I am proud of you Mikki!! <3

We took some photos, haha :)
Eb, me, Ben and Jack :)

Me and Eb :)

Last period was business studies, where I got another CC, I have 4 now and I am getting another one for english :)

It was really hot today and so I jumed into the pool for a quick swim and took some photos as well. :) Since I came here I have bben trying to to the backflip from the step but I could never do it – em was actually kind of frustrated with me, haha, because she can do it so good, I just wouldn't get it! But today I said to myself “you won't leave the pool before you can do it” And I did it! I am so proud, hahah, because it looks pretty cool I reckon :)


After the swim I had a shower and did some homework, because we are going to Sydney tomorrow and Sunday is going to be a great day with Ebony :)) I cant wait!!! Shopping for the Swimming Carnival! :)

Sa, February 14.2 Happy Valentines Day!
Today was a day where more of my dreams came true!
Why? We went to Sydney today *-*
We got the train to Sydney at 9am and got off at Central. This is the main train station and huge!
Central Station :)
We then walked to Chinatown and Paddy's Market or Market City, which are the biggest and oldest markets in Sydney! These markets are incredible! They have so much stuff there and so cheap! I think the souvenir shops buy their stuff there as well :) I bought a very nice Sydney bag and Em got a cap. :)
Paddy's Markets
and from the inside :)
We then crossed the rad to go to Chinatown, which I always wanted to go :) There was also a man who did some cutting and cut your profile in 1 minute and EM and I got this done. It doesnt look so much like me, but still pretty cool!
China Town :)
That's me :)

Our next destination was Capitol Theatre and then Town hall and Queen Victoria building, which is a massive shopping centre. All the expensive shops are in there like Victoria Secret, Chanel, .. And they have this very nice clock in there which shown the whole history of Australia and so.. Really nice!
The famous Capitol theatre
Town hall
Selfie in front of the Townhall :)
Queen Victoria Building
and from the inside again :)
The amazing Clock!

On the way we also saw a couple of Starbucks and other “international” stores, haha :)

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

We then walked into the Westfield shopping centre where we had lunch and then went up to the Sydney Eye tower! Sydney's tallest building! It was sooo good! We had a 4D cinema first and then went up. The view was amazing and because of Valentines Day they had a big love sign, where we took some photos :)

Happy Valentine's Day :)

We also had to take a selfie with my selfie stick and this was pretty funny :)
You can see Hyde Park - the fancy round part is part of it :)
Darling Harbour
Amazing view!

We then walked to Martin Place to see Channel 7 and the Lindt Cafe where the Siege happened in December. It was really sad to see it in real life and to be honest I had some tears in my eyes when I saw the photos of all the flowers that people laid down there.

Martin Place

Photos of the flowers because of the Siege in December.. :/

The Channel 7 Studio

The Lindt Cafe
On the way to the train station to go back home we saw part of a movie, well they were filming some scene for an american movie, because they had american cars and stuff and they told us that they pretend to be in america.. We didn't understand why you would film it in Sydney but okay :)

We came home just before seven o'clock, really tired but super happy! We had an incredible day in Sydney and I am so thankful that I get the opportunity to see all this!

We had some dinner and watched a movie called Blended which was really funny. It had Adam Sandler in it, haha :)

Su, February 15.2

After yesterday I was still pretty tired, but Ihad to get up at 8am because today was going to be another great day! Ebony's mum picked me up at around 9 o'clock and drove us to Tuggerah where Eb and I finally had our first shpping day, haha :) We stayed there until 12.20 when we took toe bus back home to my place where we spent heaps of time taking photos and in the pool. So this was the short summary and now the longer one, haha :) Why? Because this day today was actually one of my best ones here in Australia and I noticed that I have found an incredible, amazing really good friend in Ebony or Eb :)

Eb has lots of siblilngs and the funny thing is that she has one brother the same age as Philipp (3 years) and one brother the same age as Alex (14 years) my two brothers. But his is not all. We have all similar birthdays, we are both left handed, love photograpy, swimming and horse riding and have heaps of things in common! It actually is kind of scary how similar we are! So we decided that we have to be twins that were seperated to meet later in life and become really good friends :)

So yeah, in the car I met her two little brothers and it was so nice for me to see a little boy the same age as philipp and imagine it is him, haha :) 
Our main aim for the shopping today was to find all our stuff for the swimming carnival! We got it all in the end and only paid 7 dollar each – wow!

We have now a yellow top and skirt, which was for girls aged 3-5 but it fits us, haha :) Then hawaiin necklaces and bracelts, some yellow ribbon and some pompoms, we are so ready for the swimming carnival!
All our stuff haha :)
and with us :)

I also finally bought some denim shorts, which I have been looking for ages and we also bought some other shorts, which are reall nice!

Eb and me shopping :)
On one of the first days at schoo, Eb told me about a place called Yoghurtland. It is like frozen yoghurt and you can choose what falvour you want and then put some toppings like smarties, lollies, chocolate.. on top. And since then I always wanted to go and so we went today! And it is great!! I got Mango and Salted caramel and some chocolate and stuu on top. Soo good!

Mine and Eb's Yoghurt :)

My first Yoghurtland <3

We then caught the bus back home, well we still had to walk like 15 min, but luckily Robyn just came home from Nans and picked us up halfway. 

At home we first showed her all our stuff we bought and then took heaps of photos. And I really mean lots!!

We got changed in our swimmers, put heaps of sunscreen on, because it was a hot day and went down to the pool. We spent probably 1.5 hours taking photos, it was so much fun! Because Eb and I both enjoy taking photos we just had more and more ideas! Here are some photos, it was very hard to choose which one to post, haha :)

Jump high in the air!

And then we continued our shooting underwater :)) I finally can do the backflip – I prove it to you with those photos! :)
Wild. Free. Young. :)

Having fun, haha :)
Swag! :)

Eb was picked up at about 4pm.

It was an amazing, fantastic, really really good day!!! We had so much fun and it feels like we know each other for ages! Thanks Eb for this great day!

After Eb left, I had to get organised for school and try and get all the photos on my laptop, which is kind of hard, because I don't have enough space and I am trying to put stuff on my hard drive, which is pretty full as well, I think I deleted stuff which I shouldn't have.. omg, I am kind of freaking out at the moment.. But thats all right, I am sure I can fix it :)

So as you can see, I had a pretty amazing weekend – the best you could possibly have I think!!

Love you very much,