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#67 Week 35 Soccer game and already 8 months

Hey guys,

another week is over and this week it was 8 months since I have been here! :O so long! :)

Tue, March 10th
Today was a very special day :) I had to get up at around 6.15am and leave home at 7.10, Why?!
We had my first soccer game today – we that is the open soccer school team :) We met at the train station at 7.40 and caught the train at 8.05 to Turramarra, which is part of Sydney I think.. Well, we had to change trains and then get another bus, so in the end we travelled around 2 hours, hahah. We arrived at Turramurra High school pretty close to the games start and quickly got changed and into our soccer boots and shin pats and started the game. I was number 11 :)

thats us - the lisarow lizard team :)
I started on the left defence and also played in the front in the end. :) The other team was really good and unfortunately we lost 10:0. I know this sounds like we were really, really bad, but it was our first game and we had never played together or actually trained.. We all did our best and tried hard and had fun, so I think this is the most important thing! It was an amazing experience for me and I hope we have an other game :) I really like our team, and we had a great time! :)

My shirt :)
We played from 10.20 to 10.40 (approximately, I don’t know the exact times) and it was pretty hot and we started sweating really bad really soon. After a little while heaps if students from the other High school came down to watch the game and they were cheering really loud, which actually was quite annoying but yeah..
We caught the bus and the 2 trains back and arrived at Lisarow at 2.20pm.
Back at home I had a shower, played my clarinet and worked on Makayla's birthday present :) Her birthday is on Monday and I am doing something very special for her :) She is going to have her birthday dinner this saturday, before her birthday, and I am really excited!!! :)
Because today is tuesday, and tuesday is going to be my cooking night, I asked Robyn if she could teach me how to do Peanut butter chicken, which is my favourite dish I think :) It is sooo yummi! So I did it with her help and it is so good!! It is a microwave dish, but I am sure you can do it in the pan as well, I might change the recipe a bit, haha :)

We, March 11th
Maths in the morning again of course and then we had a program called “Ryda”. It was the whole day and it is a program about Road safety and safety driving which is compulsory and you have to do it to get you HSI. We went to Wyong Racecourse and were divided into 4 groups. All together it was 6 sessions or 6 different topics we had and I thought it was quite interesting and good. We had heaps of fun and I learned some things that I am going to work on when I can do my driving licence.
After school I did some homework and worked on Makayla's present ;)

And at 6.30 I had band again of course :) I always have dinner before band, between 5.30 and 6pm and I love my wednesday dinner!! :) Toast with vegemite mostly or some avocado with tomato and spinach, yum! “Gotta love your dinner, haha” :) It is such a routine to have my dinner on a wednesday early and to have toast :)

Thursday, March 12th


Yes, I know, time goes so fast, but it is 8 months today since I came here to Lisarow and met my amazing second family :) <3 I cant believe it is already 8 months, and this is something very special for me – one side, a very, very long time of course, but the 8 also looks like sign for infinity doesn’t it? :)

Well, yeah 8 months very long time :) But it also means that I am going to have to go home in less than 2 months and this makes me very sad.. :'( Don't get me wrong, I cant wait to come home and see my mum and dad, Alex and Philipp my grandparents, my friends and the other family again but when I left home I knew I would come home.. but when I have to leave Australia I don’t know when I am coming back and this makes me really sad. More and more people are talking about me leaving now, asking me when, if I am happy to go home again and these questions.. “How long do you have now?” “Not long isn’t it?” I think I know what the hardest part of the exchange year is, it is having to leave, your new second live.
Today at recess Holly asked me how I feel about going home soon (it is more than 1.5 months still!!) and I told her how I felt about it and she said something beautiful! ”Just say and think you are going on an other exchange, you are going on exchange to Germany!” And this is exactly how I am going to think about it now! :)
But I DONT want to think about it now, so thats enough!!!
I did a little card for my host family because of 8 months and stuff and put it on the table just before I left in the morning to go to early morning classes :)
Em had the Gosford High tests today as well and I think and hope she did pretty well! They are tests to go to a special, selective high school :)

IN Food tech we had our cooking assignment today, where we had to cook our meal for a special persons where we did the case study for as well. I did it about EM and cooked Spaghetti Carbonara but I put some carrots, peas, corn and tomatoes in it as well and it turned out really good :) Here is the recipe

Yum, makes me hungry, haha :) My own creation of spaghetti carbonara :)

After school I had swimming again and Em didn’t go today because she was so tired from the tests and stuff. We did heaps of butterfly today and backstroke as well.

Fr, March 13th
It has been raining the whole night and pretty heavy, so heavy tha ti woke up at lie 5am and was kind of scared, haha. Today was one of these days when you get up, it is a grey sky and dark day and you just know this is going to one of these days when you don’t really want to go to school and school will be boring and go really slowly..
Yeah, Robyn drove me and Em to school, because it was raining to heavy to walk and the first thing I hd to do was to hand in my food tech assignment before 8.30am. This is a rule for assignments for seniors and if you are only 2 min late, it is too late!

First period was Food tech, and because we had our cooking prac yesterday for our assignment we did a little bit of work and then watched a documentary about cocoa beans. Pretty interesting!
In English we did some work and re-watched part of the movie “Dead poets society”.
Chemistry was good, we started our new topic about metals and SLR was yoga time :) Last period business studies was a bit stresses, because we have our exam soon and Sir was away and yeah.. There was some catching up to do!
We spent lunch at the drama room with Emily, Holly, Felicity, Sarah and Sophi and Holly found these pink feathers which she put in our hair, haha :) Pretty funny!

So all in all the day was better than I thought!
On the way to Ems school I talked to Makayla whi was sick today which made the day even better!

After school I finished makayla's birthday present and at 5pm Becci brought Kate and Lexi over for a little while. :)

I cooked dinner tonight again – Salmon and Chips, or Quinoa and salad for me and robyn. :)


We watched a movie called Sliding Doors which as really good!

Sa, March 14th

We had a nice sleep in today, but I woke up at lie 7.40 but stayed in my bed until 9 or so haha :)) It was a beautiful day today and when I got up I felt so much like going outside and so I decided to go for a quick walk down the hill and up again for like 15 min or so. :) Was very good! I had breakfast then and started doing my “Abschiedsbuch” for my friends here. I am going to do it from the other side so I wil have my german and Aussie friends in the same bok, which I ithink is great! :)
My book cover :)

At like 12 o'click Greg Robyn and Em left to go and do some things but I prefered to stay at home to do my abschiedsbuch and study some business studies. I first did some Handstands and stuff outside haha, then some of my Abschiedsbuch, the front cover, washed the dishes and some Business :)

Makayla had her birthday dinner today as well – her birthday is on monday – but she had it today and we all went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner! It was sooo yummi, I love Chinese food since now! :) It was the first time after I while I ve been to a Chines restaurant and I didn’t like it back at home in germany, but now I think it is delicious!

I made this special photo book for Makayla and she really liked it, which made me so happy! :) I really wanted to give her something special and I think or hope it was :)
We all had very much fun and took lots of photos, here are some :)
Me, Abbey and Sarah

Selfie time :)


It was a very very good night! And I am so glad I have found such amazing friends!
After the restaurant some, I think we were 8, went back to her house and went for a swim in her spa, which was really nice :) Greg came and picked me up around 11pm and we talked a bit to Makayla's parents and yeah, very nice birthday! :)
Swag :)

In the spa :)

Su, March 15th
Greg and Robyn had planned to go out for a drive today, but unfortunately it was raining really heavy the whole day and so we couldn’t go out....
We had a day at home and yeah.. I studied more of business which is sooo much and watched revenge – a really good series, which I had catch up – and had a relaxing day.

I also finished doing the brownies I 'll take to school for Makayla for her birthday tomorrow and went out for a walk in the afternoon. :)

Brownie :)

It was really nice after the rain, I love the air after the rain and I also talked to Juli, my friend who lives in Pottsville at the moment – it was so nice to talk to you – made my day! :) I also prepared our dinner - we had our traditional cheese and bikes.

Cheese and Bikkies :)

Mo, March 16th
Today was a great day!! Why? There are sooo many reasons!
After being a bit sad yesterday, I wasn't really looking forward to going to school, but it proved I was wrong!
I walked to school in the morning as usual and it was very nice, which made me feel a bit better already. I baked some brownies for Makayla and was really looking forward to surprising her, haha :) Ar roll call, or just before Jade came to me and told me Mrs Bennett (deputy principal) wants to see me immediately..Omg, what did I do?!
She talked to me about reports and stuff, so things I might need for my school back at home in Germany (as I sad everybody is talking about when I leave now..:'( ). She said, she is going to get me my rosa results (like a year 10 report, but very important) and yeah, really nice! She also asked me if I want to go on the year 7 camp this thursday, haha :) I am going to go and Makayla can come with me, so cool! MRs Bennett is the best!!! It is going to be a great day, haha :) It is like and outdoor camp and it is going to be different games and stuff, haha :)

But yeah, back to school. We had food tec first (finished watching a movie) and english second. Ebony and I really wanted to have a sleepover, but unfortunately there won't be enough time so, we were planning o do it on a weekday, like go to her house after school so excited Ebdogs!! :) <3

Yep, and then at Recess I had the brownies for Mikki for her as a birthday cake :) She really liked it, haha - I hope :)
Birthday girl :) She cut the brownies of course and we sang a little happy birthday to her. :)

I also gave her my “Abschiedsbuch” or “Memory book”, a little book where all my friends can write in and I ll read it on the plane back home and she is taking care of it – thanks a lot! <3 And happy birthday again, Mikki!

Next two periods were Maths (new teacher, because our teacher is in America on holidays now) and Chemistry where we did some Metal equations :)

At lunch we ate some more of the brownies and last was SLR. We went in the gym and did this new method thing. We went on the bikes and did some power riding for 7 sec and then 53 sec rest and this 8 times. Yeah, apparently really good. Haha, and the left over time was fun time. :)

After school I did some homework and had clarinet lessons at 5pm. :) On the way home we also took the car through the car wash, and it is this funny bubble gum smell and colour, haha :)

Car wash :)

Dinner :)

So, thats the post about this week – week 35 :)
I know, it sounds like everything is perfect and wonderful here – and it is most of the times – but there are of course some times when I am sad, miss home or am just a bit upset. I usually don’t write about it on my blog, because you always remember the nice things better than the others of course :) But a couple of people asked me about his, so I thought I better write it down for everybody :) I don’t want to make it sound bad now, but I think you understand if I say, everybody has some good days and some days that aren't as good, when you are a bit sad and you start thinking about everything and why and stuff. Well I have those days as well of course.. Yep, enough now, haha :) So my point is, there are of course some moments when you are upset, it is just important to know it I think!

Love, Sophi xxx

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