Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

#75 One year ago, when it started to become true .. 21st Mai ... special date...

Family <3 

Hey guys :)

I am back and with a longer post today :P
Today is Thursday 21st of May..

And do you know what the special thing of today is?!

Come on, guess!

Exactly today, well, one year ago, I got the most important letter of my life so far! I think you can guess it now - it was THE LETTER every exchange student waits for! The letter about you hostfamiliy, my family for the next 10 months, my school for the next 10 months, the place, the town or city I will live in and whic will be my new home town.
Yes, and I got this letter on Wednesday 21st of May. I am sure most of you read my Blog post about the letter - I remember this moment as it was only yesterday! I was so excited when I saw it was a letter from Stepin and I thought " Could this be... No, stop it Sophi, it can't be.. Or maybe yes, it might be my host family?!?!" Well, in the end as you all know, it was my hostfamily and I cant describe how happy, exited and emotional I felt at this stage and the whole evening and next day and weeks until I finally arrived in Australia! I had a historty test the next day, which I didnt study much more (of course ;)) but i think I was just so happy that I could do everything and also get a good mark in history, haha :)
There is a special thing about the letter as well. For two weeks i kept running to the letterbox every day straight after school and every single day "nothing" again and again. And this day, on wednesday, I didnt look, I said to myself "Dont look, wait a little bit and maybe it will be there today.. I had a dream once that I didnt get something or got to do something because I was too unpacient, soIi decided not to look which was really hard, because I am very curious! But it was worth it!!
Okay enough about the old histroy ;) More about what happened here in the last couple of weeks.
I started school on Monday 11th May. It was very very weird to go to school in casual clothes, not in school uniform, to ride my bike and not to walk, to talk german to everybody, to be the new girl again, ... So many new adn weird things!!
I am in year 10 now (again) and all my friends in year 11.. But well.. But I dont care, becasue the whole exchange thing was SOOOOOO WORHT IT!!!!
And my  new class is awesome as well!! I have met so many great people and i think there will be many new friendships! They are all really really nice and accept me so good, I am so happy! School is different of course, but good and I get used to it every day a bit more!
I had english on Monday aswell in the arvo and my teacher wanted me to introduce my self to the class and tell a bit about my exchange.. I was nervous at first but then it felt to me like being in Australia again, because i could English for long again, and it was reallycool! After the lesson he said to me he had to smile about my accent and how I pronounced some words so different, haha :)
It was a great first day!

Tuesday we a had a day called "Wandertag", which is a day where every class goes on an excursion and every year has a different subject which the excursion has to suit. Ours was Biology and we went to Botanical Bardens in Munich, it was a beautiful day,a bout 28 degrees, and perfect for me to get to know my class mates :)
 Wednesday I had confirmation togehter with my brother and we had a big family dinner (we were about 30 people) with the whole family, really good!!

The family :)
Me and the little cousins and little borther :D

Me and my friend Alex :)
My godmother :)

ME and my mum<3
Me, Alex and our parents :)

In the restaurand and my grandpa is making a speech ;P
Thursday was fathersday, and we had free and went to mountains and on friday we had school again. It was another good day :)

German mountains *-*

the two little kids, haha ;)
After a great weekend where I met some friends and had some fun with my family as well, I started my second week at school, which would be my first real week :)
Sophi - power!!! Sophi and Sofi :)
After school, me and my friend Jojo went to the movies to watch Pitch Perfect 2 - it was soooooo good!! We both loved the movie!
On Tuesday I went to school as usual and I know feel like part of the class already and i also get all the infos about exams now.. I also had my first theory lessons for my driving test today, which I do at a driving school with two really good friends - Nico and Sofi :)
Yesterday, I had my first exam here in Germany and it was in English, hahah, but quite hard though.. After school a really good friend of mine, Lydi, came to mine after school and we made Crepes, like pancakes, for lunch and had a great time!!!

Crepes, yum! It was so much fun and really good! We had some brokkoli and corn adn peas and then also nutella and fruits :)

Great friends!! <3

At 6.15 I got picked up to go to rehersals of our local musik band, my new friend Jojo told me about it and it is great!!! We have our big concert soon, 21st June, haha very soon! I think it is going to be very good here now :) I have never played in a band outside of school before in Germany, but since I went to Band in Australia and saw how fun it is, I had to try it at least :)

So yeah, I am coming to an end now, well for this post anyway :) We have one more day of school tomorrow and then two weeks of holidays, where I'll do heaps with friends and then in the second week we'll go to italy for 7 days *-*
Talk to you soon,

Sophi xx


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